I was 39 and, typically, totally unaware of the insidious build-up in my young coronaries. It started as unease verging on what at the time appeared to be an innocuous seeming stiffness in many areas of my upper body, including the jaws, shoulders, upper-arms, upper-back. Gradually, the awareness dawned that this was mild to quite disconcerting pain and it seemed to grow, coupled with dizziness, sweating! Then, for the first time in months, I toyed with the idea, although still quite incredulous and debating, that this might have something to do with my heart. It did!

That fateful morning 16 years ago, I recall, I almost passed out with unbearable pain in my chest & breathlessness. Because it was preordained that I survive, call it good luck: I asked to be rushed to Dr. Jaspal Singh Arneja, who, at that point, was just sinking roots as a cardiologist in Nagpur. I thought I had perhaps come to a very young doctor, when I was advised admission & explained the soon after, which would have killed me had I not been revived with streptokinase & pacing of my stricken heart. Dr Arneja saved my life! The post-episodal care & attention surprised me; it was of the highest order. The best medical practices were adopted & adhered to even in those earliest days! It became clear, to many others as to me, the extent of the impact this young doctor was going to have on Nagpur’s medical landscape which until then was quite lackadaisical and average. Arneja’s sincerity & devotion to the conduct of his practice, the intent to always do the best for his patient professionally, never allowing any other consideration to impede treatment that must at once be given to save life have seen him emerge as the cardiological colossus he is today.

Over the years, the Arneja Heart institute, the facility the doctor created, has acquired the richly deserved status of the benchmark of good cardiac care from diagnosis to treatment to discharge with a smile. Both my mother & I owe our lives to the facility and have been recipients of not just exceptional medical care but the personal affections of the doctor, the nurses and the exceptionally polite retinue of medical & non-medical staff. We hold this hospital in the highest esteem.

– Mr. Inder Malhotra

Their care quick services and 24 hours attendance was amazing. There was never any reason at any given time for any cause of inconvenience.

– Mr. K. Subramanyam

They served me by heart.

– Mr. SharadChandra M. Bhope

I am heartly thankful to all senior doctors who has operated me and given valuable guidance, good moral support and nice behavior.

– Mr. Ashok Tamhane

Entire team was well behaved and efficient. Keep it up!

– M. S. Ram Mohan

Everybody was equally responsible carrying out duties with sincerity.

– Mr. Kiran Korhalkar