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Arneja Heart Institute is a renowned Cardiac Care unit in central India. It is looked upon as the final word in cardiac care, be it preventive cardiology, cardiac diagnostics, emergency and routine cardiac treatment,Interventional cardiology or cardiac surgery. The hospital carries out over 2500 Coronary Angiographies and 1000 Coronary Angioplasties with stent implantation every year, and has to its credit a success ratio of over 95%, commensurate with best world standards. Internationally this institute has developed a reputation of its own, where patients from UK, USA Australia & West Asia have been successfully treated.
Arneja Heart Institute is one of the avant-garde heart hospitals of the country. The Institute was founded in Oct 2002, with the sole purpose of providing top of the line heart care facility. Arneja Heart Institute is a massive, state of the art facility spread over 25,000 square feet designed by Archemedes India Ltd., the renowned hospital design consultants from New Delhi. The hospital has been designed to offer the finest in cardiac care to all sections of the society with innovative packages ranging from well appropriated general wards to luxurious VIP suites. The hospital has been upgrading its infrastructure and treatment facilities since 2002.
At Arneja Heart Institute, we developed our trans-radial program in the year 2005. Since then we have performed over 9000 trans-radial procedures. Over 95% of all angiographies and 70% of angioplasties done at our Cath Lab are through the radial route. Our series on trans-radial interventions is one of the largest series in this part of the country.
A highly sophisticated IT infrastructure at the institute is linked to a two way Audio-Video conferencing facility which enables a) Online Teaching, b) Live demonstration of coronary Angiographies, Angioplasties and Bypass Heart Surgeries. Apart from Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons, the hospital service is backed by full time Anesthetists, Intensivists, Internists, Resident Doctors, Trained Nurses and Technicians.
The hospital ICCU facilities are large enough to accommodate 21 well equipped intensive care beds, and 40 recovery beds for patient care. The rooms range from general wards to twin sharing rooms, single rooms and deluxe rooms.
The Arneja Heart Institute facility operates a 24 hour Pathology, Pharmacy and Radiology Department to assist patients at any given time, along with a air conditioned Library and Conference hall to seat 100 delegates.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:

"To operate as a world - class heart hospital, through the efficient deployment of technology and human expertise, in a caring and nurturing environment with the greatest respect for human dignity and life".

Our Vision:

"To strive for excellence in cardiac care to the heights that patient discovers a new life at Arneja Heart Institute.”

Our values:


Conduct everything we do with highest standards of professional, moral and ethical integrity.


Pursue excellence and continuous improvement in technology, skills, services and quality of interaction.


Be responsive to the physical and emotional needs of patients and their families, and expectations of the society.


Show respect, compassion and truthfulness towards patients, co-workers and all persons we serve.

Team Work

Recognize that working together can create a power greater than the sum of individual activities and that team work demands mutual respect, collegiality, consensus seeking and cooperation.


- Arneja Heart Institute does the maximum number of cardiac therapeutic procedures (Coronary Angioplasties & Bypass Surgeries) in Central India which makes us the “HIGHEST VOLUME CENTRE” with regards to procedures performed.

- The institute boasts of phenomenal success rate of over 99% in angioplasty and bypass surgeries performed by our team of doctors. This has made Arneja Heart Institute, the “LEADERS IN CARDIAC CARE” in Central India.

- At Arneja Heart Institute, we developed our transradial program in the year 2005. Since then we have performed over 9000 transradial procedures. Over 95% of all angiographies and 70% of angioplasties done at our cathlab are through the radial route. Our series on transradial interventions is one of the largest series in this part of the country. We are the pioneers in performing transradial procedures in Central India.

- We keep bringing latest technology to provide best quality cardiac care to our patients. We are the first in Central India to introduce IVUS & FFR.


Definition of Intravascular Ultrasound :

Intravascular ultrasound is a test that uses sound waves to see inside the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply the heart.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create moving images of organs and systems within the body. IVUS is a combination of a heart ultrasound (echocardiogram) and cardiac catheterization.

A tiny ultrasound wand is attached to the top of a tiny, hollow tube called a catheter. During the IVUS procedure, the ultrasound catheter is inserted into an artery in your groin area and moved up to the heart. This gives the health care provider a look at your arteries from the inside-out.

IVUS is often done during angioplasty. Angioplasty gives a general look at the coronary arteries, but can not show the walls of the arteries. IVUS images highlight the artery walls and can show if there are cholesterol and fat deposits (plaques). Build up of such plaque leads to hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

IVUS has provided a great amount of insight into how stents become clogged (stent restenosis). The method has helped show that about 20% of cases of stent restenosis occur when the stent has not expanded properly.

Why the Procedure Is Performed:
IVUS may be used to:

View the aorta and structure of the artery walls (which can show plaque build up)

- Identify which specific blood vessel is involved in aortic dissection
- Determine where a stent should be placed
- Discover how well angioplasty and stenting worked

After the Procedure:
After the test, the catheter is removed. A bandage is placed on the area. You will usually be asked to lie flat on your back with pressure on your groin area for a few hours after the test to prevent bleeding.

If IVUS was done during cardiac catheterization, you will stay in the hospital for about 3 to 6 hours. If IVUS was done during angioplasty, you will stay in the hospital for 12 to 24 hours.

There is a slight risk of complications associated with angioplasty and cardiac catheterization. However, the tests are very safe when performed by an experienced team. IVUS adds no additional risk.

Risks of angioplasty may include:
- Allergic reaction to any dye used during the test
- Complete blockage of blood flow in a certain area
- Damage to a blood vessel
- Heart arrhythmias
- Hemorrhage (bleeding) in area where the catheter was inserted
- Stroke

Risks of cardiac catheterization may include:
- Allergic reaction to any dye used during the test
- Cardiac tamponade
- Heart arrhythmias
- Heart attack
- Hemorrhage (bleeding)
- Injury to the artery caused by a hematoma
- Low blood pressure
- Stroke


A Glimpse of our Journey from 2003

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I was 39 and, typically, totally unaware of the insidious build-up in my young coronaries. It started as unease verging on what at the time appeared to be an innocuous seeming stiffness in many areas of my upper body, including the jaws, shoulders, upper-arms, upper-back. Gradually, the awareness dawned that this was mild to quite disconcerting pain and it seemed to grow, coupled with dizziness, sweating! Then, for the first time in months, I toyed with the idea, although still quite incredulous and debating, that this might have something to do with my heart. It did!

That fateful morning 16 years ago, I recall, I almost passed out with unbearable pain in my chest & breathlessness. Because it was preordained that I survive, call it good luck: I asked to be rushed to Dr. Jaspal Singh Arneja, who, at that point, was just sinking roots as a cardiologist in Nagpur. I thought I had perhaps come to a very young doctor, when I was advised admission & explained the soon after, which would have killed me had I not been revived with streptokinase & pacing of my stricken heart. Dr Arneja saved my life! The post-episodal care & attention surprised me; it was of the highest order. The best medical practices were adopted & adhered to even in those earliest days! It became clear, to many others as to me, the extent of the impact this young doctor was going to have on Nagpur's medical landscape which until then was quite lackadaisical and average. Arneja's sincerity & devotion to the conduct of his practice, the intent to always do the best for his patient professionally, never allowing any other consideration to impede treatment that must at once be given to save life have seen him emerge as the cardiological colossus he is today.

Over the years, the Arneja Heart institute, the facility the doctor created, has acquired the richly deserved status of the benchmark of good cardiac care from diagnosis to treatment to discharge with a smile. Both my mother & I owe our lives to the facility and have been recipients of not just exceptional medical care but the personal affections of the doctor, the nurses and the exceptionally polite retinue of medical & non-medical staff. We hold this hospital in the highest esteem.

- Mr. Inder Malhotra

Their care quick services and 24 hours attendance was amazing. There was never any reason at any given time for any cause of inconvenience.

- Mr. K. Subramanyam

They served me by heart.

- Mr. SharadChandra M. Bhope

I am heartly thankful to all senior doctors who has operated me and given valuable guidance, good moral support and nice behavior.

- Mr. Ashok Tamhane

Entire team was well behaved and efficient. Keep it up!

- M. S. Ram Mohan

Everybody was equally responsible carrying out duties with sincerity.

- Mr. Kiran Korhalkar

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